We are Griffin & Co, a multi-brand fashion agency based in Helsinki Finland. For years we have been sole agents for some of the biggest internationally recognized and upcoming apparel and footwear brands in the fashion industry. If you are looking for an experienced partner to grow your brand in new territories with or an agent that can provide you with trend setting brands of the highest quality, we are the one you are looking for.

Griffin & Co. was founded in 2007. With a solid background in sales and marketing, we wanted to create a platform for finding, introducing and building successful international brands in Scandinavia and Baltic Countries. Today we offer brands with a high sell-through combined with a good mark up and a strong and long lasting brand positioning in the market with highly experienced team.

Griffin shares the goal and aspirations of both its brands and its customers. The brands we work with entrust us an extension of their business, dedicated to placing the right products with the right retailers and helping to develop and maintain the reputation of a label for long-term success. The Company is committed to providing retailers with on-going advertising and marketing support, in addition to building awareness of its brands through consisted PR and advertising efforts – season after season.

Over 20 years of experience in retail, wholesale and sales, in textile and marketing industry with over 500 vendors contacts guarantees our success.



Griffin´s showroom is located in Helsinki, in area called Lauttasaari. The name Lauttasaari literally means “ferry island” although the island is now connected to Helsinki and Espoo by bridges and causeways, being only five minutes away from Helsinki city center.

Our showroom is build inside an old factory witch is one of the oldest persistent industrial properties in Helsinki.




Thinking about those special words that make people understand that we should be good stewards of our planet, our home. Even though most of the time facts are more important in changing peoples mind, they need to see the harm done with there own eyes.  We believe in investing and giving back what we get to mother nature.

Griffin & Co donates 3% of their annual gross profit straight to different charities. We dare you and others to get involved and take action to SAVE THE PLANET.  Eat and support Organic ways. Save the nature. Save the animals. Save yourself.