A specialist in “authentic” jeans, Le Temps des Cerises has been expressing the cultural desire for the genuine article since 1998 and is perfectly positioned as the vintage expert. Established in the south of France by Gil Richardière (father) and Lylian (son), Le Temps des Cerises is today a rapidly expanding fashion brand.  Collections and creations reflect the brand’s perception of “original” jeans, enriched by a fascinating, fertile story.

As antiques dealers specializing in denim, Gil and Lylian draw their inspiration from the second-hand and vintage fashion culture. This passion has its roots in the 1980s, when Gil Richardière ran Propagande, a second-hand clothes shop with an American spirit, in Marseille.  Rooted in an ideology of clothes with a previous life, Le Temps des Cerises reinvents urban fashion every season with a naturally aged style that takes its inspiration from second-hand clothes. The fabrics are patinated, faded, worn and shaped as if to tell the tale of jeans that have travelled through time, from the days of the Gold Rush to the Rock’n’Roll era.